We offer a complete refurbishment process that is cost effective with quick delivery. Paramount Panels relies on over 35 years of experience of refurbishing edge lit panels in commercial, corporate and military aircraft. We can confidently provide the quality, capability and service you demand and expect. Lives can depend on reading instruments, so it is important that control panels be clear and accurate. Paramount Panels has built a reputation on refurbishing control panels for the aerospace industry.

Panel Refurbishment

If required, modifications can also be incorporated, including update to NVG compatible lighting.

Control Panel Refurbishing 

Paramount Panels, offers a service for the repair and service of all types of illuminated panel types by REFURBISHMENT to meet your specific requirements.

  • Cracked or Broken Panels
  • Non-Illuminated Panels
  • Worn Panels that are in need of a new look
  • Modification to new configuration
  • Conversion to LED lighting
  • Conversion to NVIS Compatible Lighting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • All Panel Types, Including keyboards
  • Bezels
  • Illuminated Panels
  • Assemblies
  • Non-Illuminated
  • Keyboards


  • Electroluminescent
  • LED
  • Incandescent

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