LED Cockpit Utility Lights

New from Paramount Panels is a NVG compatible, LED cockpit utility light that combines the functions of a fixed spot or floodlight and a portable hand torch.

NVG Compatible, LED Cockpit Utility Light

NVG Compatible, LED Cockpit Utility Light 

Primarily designed for map reading and general floodlighting without compromising NVG operational flight safety, the self-coiling flexible supply lead is attached securely to the body of the light and the mounting is constructed so that the light may be snapped out of the socket and used as a torch over the length of the lead.

This new light operates from 28V DC supply, weighs only 230g and illumination is achieved by a LED’s that produces a white, NVIS compatible light output meeting the requirements of Mil-Std-3009. A rear-mounted control knob provides dimming control, from dim to full brightness and an instant push to full brightness function.

Spot or floodlight operational function is achieved by a front twist bezel. Other options include standard white or coloured illumination and NVIS Green A or B.

Mounting is compatible to MS17245 / MS17246 and PAN6742.

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