Incandescent Cockpit Utility Lights

The Paramount Panels Incandescent Cockpit Utility Light combines the functions of a fixed spot or floodlight with that of a portable hand torch. The supply is by self-coiling flexible lead attached securely to the body of the cockpit utility light. The mounting is so constructed that the light may be snapped out of it’s socket and used as a torch wherever the extended length of flexible lead will permit. The light can then be snapped back into its original setting in the mounting.

Incandescent Cockpit Utility Lights

Incandescent Cockpit Utility LightThe unit has a maximum working rating of 50 volts d.c. and is normally equipped with a 3.5 watt 28v M.C.C. lamp and gives a red or white beam in the standard configuration, with either spot or overall projection by rotation of the front bezel. Continuous rotation of this bezel is provided in either direction, there being no stops to jam or break due to careless handling. A conveniently shaped knob is provided at the rear of the unit to control brightness of the lamp and gives an “OFF” position. At any position of the dimmer, full brightness can be obtained by finger pressure on the top of the knob. Lamp replacement is effected by removing the front lens which is kept in place by a spring circlip. No tools are needed for this operation.

Part Number: 80/10/1200
NATO Stk No: 6220-99-1052276

Incandescent Cockpit Utility Light Specs Diagram

Night vision compatible versions are also available, NVIS Green A or B, and NVIS white which allows the unit to be used for map reading, in all cases for the NVG versions the internal red filter is removed. For NVG units, please contact us for part numbers.

Other alternative types include:
Chartroom light (Red filter without focus device): part number 03-0130.
Chartroom light (as 80/10/1200 but with extended mounting arm): part number 03-0132.