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Instrument NVIS Bezel Light Assemblies

Instrument NVIS Bezel Light AssembliesOften in applications within the aerospace and defence industries there is a need to illuminate instruments and controls by external means. Paramount Panels Inc. offer a cost effective and user friendly solution by means of a lighting bezel. Originally developed for use in the NVG conversions of Aircraft, they now specified by users for new installations in Aircraft and fighting vehicles.

Bezels NVG Compatible Lighting

For some applications, spatial or other considerations may prevent traditional Pillar/Post-lights or lighting bridges from being mounted in ideal positions and this, coupled with the relatively low transmission of their integral filters, may result in inadequate illumination.

With the object of over-coming this problem, Paramount Panels have introduced the concept of NVG compatible lighting bezels. Essentially, these are designed as external sources of illumination for instruments, which have no (or non NVIS compatible) integral lighting.

Paramount panels Lighting Bezels are planar devices, which incorporate a central aperture through which the face of an instrument can be viewed. Illumination from filtered light sources accommodated within the body of the bezel is directed onto the surface of the instrument through optically designed facets in the wall of the central aperture, therefore illumination of the instrument is projected from around the periphery giving an even lighting solution across the face.

NVG Instrument Bezel - Custom Lighting Panel  Bezel Lighting Panel - Bridge - NVG Compatible

The minimal thickness of the bezel (nominally 6.0 mm) and its’ external shape, which generally follows the contour of the instrument case or group of instruments, restricts to a minimum any interference with the viewers’ line of sight. Flying leads are normally provided for the purpose of electrical connection, it having been established from experience that this method is usually preferred for lighting conversion applications.

In order to simplify attachment, bezel-fixing holes may be positioned to coincide with the instrument mounting holes.

Lighting sources include LED, Filament lamps and I/R black lighting, or combinations.

Other benefits can include integral indicators, e.g. “WARNING” or even Symbols as often used in the vehicle market. The indicators can be secret-until-lit (Dead front) if required, likewise other front located text can be incorporated, similar to information panels.

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