NVG Lighting

Paramount Panels Inc. offer a wide range of NVG Compatible products which, although providing "State of the Art" techniques appropriate to new installations, also cater for the diverse requirements associated with the conversion of existing equipment.

NVG Lighting

NVIS and Night Vision Lighting  NVIS NVG Lighting - Cockpit Lamp

NVG Compatible options are available across our complete range of integrally-lit panels and most of the items within our lighting components portfolio. In the event that an application cannot be satisfied from the standard range of products, however, comprehensive facilities are available for the design and manufacture of suitable purpose built devices.

NVG Lighting  NVG Lighting Panel

All Paramount Panels NVG compatible products are designed to fully comply with the major U.S and U.K.. Government specifications, including MIL-DTL-7788H and MIL-STD-3009.

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NVG Compatible Cockpit Lighting