External Aircraft Lighting

A specialist range of LED aircraft and ground vehicle external lighting.

An innovative and extensive range of LED external lighting devices are available for use on aircraft and ground vehicles for use with night vision goggles, which are replacements against original equipment or for new builds, the devices are ultra-reliable and a must for modern platforms.

Our Anti-collision lights are world beating devices, and include the world’s first 2000 candela white LED unit, and also offers three lighting modes being White, NVG friendly Red and Covert IR operations.

Products include:-

High Intensity Tri-Mode LED Anti-Collision lights.

  • Use of LED’s provides high reliability.
  • Low Power consumption.
  • Unrivalled combination of functions for military helicopters.
  • Fully qualified for military helicopter requirements.
  • All models can be dimmed and offer multiple flash patterns
  • No separate control unit required.
  • Simple cockpit mode selector switch only
  • Standard and low profile variants available.
  • Second light synchronization
  • Complies with MIL-STD-3009

In White Mode selection:

  • World’s first 2000ECP LED ACL.
  • Exceptional long range visibility
  • Safer operation even in bright sunshine.

In Red Mode.

  • Exceeds conventional red ACL performance for night operations.
  • Complies with FAA/EASA requirements.
  • Inherently NVG friendly.

IR Mode

  • Ultra reliable IR diodes for covert operations.

Exterior Aircraft LED Flood Lights.

Our Aviation white LED floodlight for use on helicopters to assist visibility of the main and tail rotors during night operations in confined spaces. Though can also be used in application such as fixed wing flood lighting, ground and fighting vehicles.

More Information...

High Intensity Tri Mode temp.pdf 
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