Lighting Components

Paramount Panels Inc. manufacture a comprehensive range of lighting components and associated devices and hardware. Many of these products that full under this category were marketed and manufactured by our former ownerships, including; TEC, Thorn Electrical Components or FKI Electrical Components.

PPIUK Lighting ComponentsDimming Resistors and Switches

Paramount Panels Dimming Resistors and switches have been designed to comprise a versatile range of linear controls. Up to 50 midget lamps are controlled from the Off position to maximum brightness by one composite unit. Each Dimming resistor is built from separate variable resistance elements assembled to a common spindle, with elements connected in parallel by external links for sub-multiple resistance values in order that twin dimming may be effected.

Clockwise spindle rotation through 100° decreases resistance in the circuit, causing an increase in lamp brightness. A switch may be added to isolate resistance elements, or for independent switching of a separate circuit. Capable of switching 3 Amps at 12 volts, 2 Amps at 50 volts or 1.5 Amps at 110 volts, these are normally located at the rear of dimmer.

Concentric Spindle Dimming Resistors

The Concentric Spindle assembly provides two separate dimming circuits, individually controlled from a common axis. Two control knobs operate the unit, with the front knob operating the rear section from the inner spindle, and the rear knob operating the front section from the outer spindle.

Finger Knobs

A wide range of finger knobs for the above units, styled for aircraft and defence use, are available.

Indicator Lights and Caps

Paramount Panels Indicator Lights and accompanying accessories are available in T1 and T1¾ variants.

The bodies feature threaded attachments for assembly with our Lamp holder bases, and are available in Dimming cap and sealed versions. They are available in a range of material finishes and colours.

Type III panel lighting cap assemblies

Illuminated Switches

These are available with a variety of circuit arrangements and in a variety of finishes and colours. These switches, all momentary action and front or rear mountable, are suitable for press-to-test, push-to-make or push-to-break applications.

The range is available sealed or standard, with solder or screw terminals. NVG compatible lighting versions available.

Exterior Aircraft Lights

Including, wing navigation lamp assemblies, undercarriage lights and tail lights.

Cockpit Utility Lamp

Please refer to our separate data sheets for this product range; These include incandescent and LED versions, and NVIS lighting in Green A and White.

Post/Pillar Lamps and Bridge Pieces

Individual instrument lighting system, which may be used to Illuminate an individual instrument or an area. Light is projected downwards and through a horizontal arc of 90º, it produces a sharply defined illuminated segment. NVIS lighting in various chromaticity available within the ranges.

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Lighting Components